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General FAQ 

Q: What platform is ESD supporting in the classrooms ?

A: G Suite (Google Apps for Education) i.e Google Drive, Google Classroom, Youtube etc.

Q: What email should we be using @swlsb.ca or @swlauriersb.qc.ca ?

A: Staff should continue to use their @swlauriersb.qc.ca (Outlook) email account for all communications.

Assistive Technology FAQ

Measure 30810

Q:How can we get students a Measure device?

A: In January school administrators are sent a Measure 30810 application form from complementary services.

Q: Is there an agreement parents need to sign if their child will be bringing a measure device home?  

A: Yes, there is an agreement that must be signed. If students and parents attend a training session in late September when picking up their new device, consultants will have parents sign the agreement. If parents and students are not able to attend, the school team will have parents sign the agreement. For a copy of the agreement,  please contact Sylvia Repas in complementary services.

Q: A student is going to another school in our school board, what do I do with their Measure device?

A: The device follows the student to their new school.

Q: A student is going to a private school, do they take the measure device with them?

A: If a student is going to a private school, please return the device to the attention of Sylvia Repas or Jennifer Abrantes in Complementary Services.

Q: When a young adult remains in a youth sector high school due to having a difficulty code that permits him/her to remain in the youth sector setting until age 21, does the AT remain with the youth?

A: Yes, a student with a difficulty code that permits them to remain in the youth sector until the age of 21 may keep their AT. Once they have completed, their device is returned to Complementary Services.

Q: If a young adult decides to attend Adult Education or Vocational Training, within the 3 L region, to pursue his/her studies, does the AT follow him/her to the adult/vocational center?

A: AT will follow a student who decides to attend Adult Education. within the 3 L regions. Unfortunately, AT DOES NOT follow a student who decides to attend Vocational Training.

Q: If the answer to either of the two questions above is yes, upon a student turning 18, who signs the waiver of responsibility; the youth or the guardian/parent?

A: The parent/ guardian will be asked to sign the waiver of responsibility.

Q: Is a student eligible to keep the AT if he/she attends a school outside of the 3 L region (ie. Vanguard in Montreal)?

A: If a student leaves SWLSB to attend a school outside the 3 L region, please return the device to the attention of Sylvia Repas or Jennifer Abrantes in Complementary Services.

Q: A student is going to Adult Education (SWLSB), can they take their Measure device with them?

A: Yes, the measure device follows the student. Once they have completed Adult education, the device is returned to complementary services.

Q:School team feels a student should be able to bring their device home, what is the procedure?

A: It is recommended that only student in elementary cycle 2 and above bring their devices home. If school team and parents agree that a student should be able to bring the device home, an agreement needs to be signed by parents and added to the students file. A copy of the signed agreement is also sent to complementary services to the attention of Sylvia Repas.  

Q: What happens when the Measure request has been approved ?

A: Once measure requests have been approved, each school administrator will receive a list of students who have been accepted.

Q: What training is available to students who have received a Measure device?

A: In Late September, students and their parents receive an introductory training.

NB: Each student should also work with their teacher for further training.

Q: Are we able to request a device for a student who received one earlier in their education?

A: Yes,if the device has a problem or is no longer adequate.

Q: Once I have completed the Measure request for a student, when will the student receive their device?

A: Devices are given to students the following school year (end of September).

Q: What happens with Measure devices during the summer?

A: Measure devices do not go home with students for the summer. Devices are to stay in school so that they can be updated.

Q: What happens if a student breaks his/her measure device / mouse / headset ?

A: Please complete a GRDS request and contact Sylvia Repas or Jennifer Abrantes in Complementary Services.

Q: If a student no longer wants their Measure device, what do I do ?

A: If a student no longer wants their Measure device, please contact Sylvia Repas or Jennifer Abrantes in Complementary Services.

Q:The school team and parents do not feel that a student is ready to bring their Measure device home, what is the procedure ?

A: If parents and the school team agree that the student is not ready to bring the device home, an arrangement can be made between both parties. If it is decided later on that the student can bring the device home, it is important that the school team have parents sign the agreement and add it to the students file. A copy of the agreement must also be sent to Complementary Services to the attention of Sylvia Repas.

Q: What programs are installed on MEASURE devices?


Exams and Assistive Technology

Q: Does the use of assistive technology need to be on student’s IEP?
A: Yes

Q: Do students need to use assistive technology regularly to be permitted to use it during an exam? 
A: Yes, it is highly recommended that students use the assistive technology through out the school year. The use of assistive technology must also be stated on the student's IEP.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Q: How do I convert a document so that Text-to-Speech software can read it (OCR Conversion)?
A: In just a few steps, teachers can create OCR documents using their school’s photocopier.
Video: https://goo.gl/0Hkfhi
Poster: https://goo.gl/QCr4IH (Suggestion- print & post this near the photocopier)


Q: Is it true that some students have a premium license of Read&Write?

A: Yes, In September 2016 we started piloting with 300 licenses. Each license costs $100 per year- if purchased individually.

This year we purchased 300 licenses for $10 per student/ year. We hope to renew this in 2017-18; As we are getting positive feedback.

NB: As of January 9, 2017 we have a few more licenses left. If a student in your school would benefit please contact Ron Turchyniak of Educational Services.

Q: Can a student use Read&Write for an Exam ?

A: At the moment SWLSB is not using Read&Write for exams (Jan, 2017).

Q:Do we have a board wide license for Read&Write?

A: We do not have a board wide license for Read&Write. However, when installing Read&Write there is a 30 day trial. After the 30 days, you can still access read aloud and translator features. Please note: Teachers can get a FREE premium subscription.

NB: 300 students have a Premium version. 

Q: Where do we go to download Read&Write ?

A: You can download the 30 day trial from the chrome web store .

Q:How do teachers download the full version of Read&Write for free ?

A: Teachers can get a FREE premium subscription to Read&Write for Google Chrome. To register and activate the subscription, they must go to rw.texthelp.com/freeforteachers after installing the Read&Write trial.

ThoughtQ / Pense Edu

Q: What is ThoughtQ?

A: ThoughtQ is an add-on for the Chrome browser available through the Chrome Web Store. Type a topic/idea that interests you in the search box and watch ThoughtQ provide you with a list of "connected" ideas/words that may expand your understanding of the original topic. You can then use the built in web browser to further research topics and create reports using Google Docs. Check out http://www.thoughtq.com/ for more information.

Q: Does ThoughtQ work in French?

A: There is a French version of ThoughQ called Pense Edu available through the Chrome Web Store.


Q: What software is available in our Quillsoft board-wide license?

A: All staff and students can install 7 different applications.

1) WordQ/SpeakQ V4 for Windows

2) WordQ V4 for Mac

3) WordQ CA I EDU (Elem.) for Chrome

4) WordQ CA II EDU (HS) for Chrome

5) WordQ CF pour Chrome

6) ThoughtQ EN EDU for Chrome

7) Pense EDU pour Chrome

NB: (#3) - (#7) require logon to your @swlsb.ca account

Q: Can students without MEES codes download WordQ/SpeakQ on their personal computers?

A: Yes, all staff and students can download WordQ/SpeakQ on their personal computers.

Q:How do we download WordQ/SpeakQ for Windows on a personal PC?

A: You are able to download WordQ/SpeakQ from the school board website.

Please visit the following link to download. https://goo.gl/YNTY45

Q:How do we download WordQ on a personal Mac?

A: Please visit the following link to download. https://goo.gl/YNTY45

Q:How do we download SpeakQ on a PC?

A: When downloading WordQ, SpeakQ will be available.

Q:How do we download SpeakQ on a Mac?

A: Unfortunately, the speech to text feature (SpeakQ) is not available for Mac.

Q:What is the difference between WordQ and SpeakQ?

A: Please watch the following videos

Word Q https://goo.gl/IKvnDX

SpeakQ https://goo.gl/ZViTPX

Q: How do I get SpeakQ to work when I am using WordQ?

A: Please watch the following video https://goo.gl/r9RiIH

Q:Do we need internet connection for WordQ and SpeakQ ?

A: You do not need an internet connection for WordQ and SpeakQ to work.  

Q:Does WordQ work in French?

A: Yes, see below to set up user accounts in both languages.

Q:How do I set up users and change language in WordQ?

A: Please refer to the following video: https://youtu.be/BwlF9ourpbI

Q:How do I change the voice and speed in WordQ?

A: Please refer to the following document https://goo.gl/tJGMDR

Q:Why does it say that I have a number of days left on my WordQ for Windows/Mac home version ?

A:The home version of WordQ is managed by a yearly license. It needs to be reactivated every school year. See step two of this instructional video: https://youtu.be/SCPyGcxP28k

Q:Do we have a board wide license for iWordQ for iPads?  

A: Unfortunately, we do not. However, iPads have many built in accessibility features that are very similar. Please refer the following https://goo.gl/4mfk0F

Q: Is there an iPad App for WordQ for ENGLISH CANADA?
A: iWordQ ENG CA (Not part of our Boardwide Lic.)

Q: Is there an iPad App for WordQ for FRENCH CANADA?
A:iWordQ FR CA ((Not part of our Boardwide Lic.)

Q: I want to learn the PC or Mac version of WordQ/SpeakQ on my own time. Do you have any video tutorials ?
A:WordQ/SpeakQ Video Tutorials - You will also find help for all the QoQ products.

Q: Is there a WordQ/SpeakQ Knowledgebase ?

Q: Do you have WordQ/SpeakQ resources in French

Q: Can I use my PC version of WordQ with Google Docs?

A: Yes

EdTech FAQ


Q:  Is there a Chromebook Guidebook ?
A: Yes, https://support.google.com/chromebook


Q- How do I sign up for Edmodo?

Q- How do I navigate the Edmodo interface?


Q: What is ePEARL?
A:  ePEARL is a web-based, bilingual (French, English) electronic portfolio tool is 
designed to scaffold and support student self-regulation, including 
planning, doing, and reflecting, as a key learning strategy for 
knowledge acquisition. It also serves as a multimedia container for 
student work whether that work takes the form of text, audio, video, 
images, or some combination thereof.

Q:  Where do I get a username and password for ePEARL?
A:  Contact Tim Foreman for access.

Google Account - G Suite (@swlsb.ca)

Q: How do I log into my Google Account?
A: Follow the steps in this short video to log in to your account. Important: If this is your first time logging in, it is highly recommended to change your password immediately.
The steps to change your password are also included in the video.

Q: How do students log into their Google account?
A- Using the same process as above. Student @swlsb.ca accounts are set up as follows: studentnumber@swlsb.ca - for example 1234567@swlsb.ca. As above, it is important that students change their passwords immediately. Elementary school teachers may prefer to assign their students passwords.
Contact Tim Foreman, Ron Turchyniak or Jennifer Abrantes for help if needed.

Q: How do I add apps/extensions to my Chrome account?


Q: What are the built-in AT features of an iPad?

A: Please refer to the following link https://goo.gl/DcZ4lw

Q: Who pays for iPad applications?

A: The school.

Q:How do we add Apps to several iPads at once?

A: Please contact the IT department. (GRDS)

Q: How do I export photos and videos from an Ipad?

A: Connect your iPad to a computer using the iPad’s USB cable then:

  • The computer will recognize that it is connected and a window titled “AutoPlay” will open.

  • On the iPad, a notice will appear asking you to “Trust this Computer.” Click “Trust.”

  • To Download all photos and videos:

    • In the AutoPlay window on the laptop, click, “Import Photos and Videos”

    • The computer will search the ipad and select all your files. You will have the option to tag them. This adds a name to each file to make them easier to search.

    • Click import, and all pictures/videos will be transferred to your laptop/

  • To download specific photos/videos

    • In the AutoPlay window select “Open device to view files using windows explorer.”

    • This will open your laptop’s file manager. Click on “Internal Storage” then “DCIM.” This is your iPad’s photo and video storage files. Depending on the number of photos/videos you may see a number of folders. Search through them and find the items you want and copy and paste them to your laptop.

Q: Can we print from an iPad ?

Q: How to do I reserve a set of iPads for a project?
A- Complete the iPad Loan Request (Form)

LTK (Learning Toolkit)

Q: What is the LTK?
A: The Learning Toolkit (LTK) currently consists of two comprehensive and well-developed evidenced-based tools: ABRACADABRA and ePEARL, along with a third tool in development called ISIS-21.

Q: How do I access LTK?
A: You need to log on to the Laurier Portal under the applications tab.

Q: How do I get my user name and password for LTK?
A: Contact Tim Foreman for access.

Microsoft Account - Office365 (@swlauriersb.qc.ca)

Q: A student has forgotten his @swlauriersb.qc.ca password. How can I reset it?

A: Teachers have access to a web site that allows them to reset their students passwords. Administrators should have this link. If not, speak to your in-school technician or contact the IT department.

Q: How do I change my @swlauriersb.qc.ca password?

A: At work: Log on to your account with your existing password. Click Ctrl-Alt-Del and select "Reset Password"

At home: Go to portal.office.com and enter your @swlauriersb.qc.ca email address. This will take you to the Sir Wilfrid Laurier SB log in page. Select "change

password" and follow the steps.

Q: How do I save my documents in my OneDrive?

A: OneDrive is Office365’s online storage area. This replaces the lettered drives (O, J, etc) for staff and student storage. To save to OneDrive follow the usual steps in the application you are using, and select “OneDrive - Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board”

Q: What’s the difference between Office365 online and installed?

A: The online version allows you to log into Office365 from any computer. Use the address portal.office.com and enter your @swlauriersb.qc.ca credentials.

SMART Boards

Q:  Where can I find SmartBoard Apps for FSL/FLS (French/français) Elementary?

Q:  Where do I go to download the SMART Notebook software?

Q: Where do I go to find SMARTBoard lessons?

Video Conferencing (VC)

Q: What are the IP addresses of videoconference units in the school board?

Q: Is there an online directory of videoconference opportunities?
A: Visit www.cilc.org - it has an easy-to-use, searchable databases. If you need help, contact Tim Foreman at ext. 1438.
Q:  Is there a list of videoconferences that SWLSB teachers have used in class?
A:  Click here for a selection of sessions that have been bought into our classrooms during the past two years. Note that this is just a sample of what is available.

Q: How do I operate our videoconference unit?
A:  Check out the Videoconferencing Quick Start Guide. This document will take you step by step through the basic functions of SWLSB videoconference units. 

Q:  How do I set up the portable videoconference unit?
A:  Refer to the set up guide here.