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Today's session: "Collecting Student Assignments in Google Forms"


Add students to contact groups
It is easier to share information with students when contact groups are created.

Go to Gmail

  • Create a folder in Google drive called «My Forms» change the color to «Green».

  • Teacher creates an assignment submission Form at the start of the school year
    See Example(This form can be used for all your classes + all year)

  • Student creates a Google Document in a subject folder (and does assignment as per instructions)
Try answering one of these: 25 Questions that Provoke Thought  Tip: (Tools» Research)
Suggestions: Layout of assignment  - Name/Date/ Footer/Name  page 1 of x

Teacher's Submit your work for today !

Teacher Workshop Hand-In ‎(Responses)‎

Example 1: Assignment Hand-in Form

Assignment Hand-In FORM

Example 2: Request for Help

Techno Pedagogical Inquiry ‎(Form)‎

Did you know that Google Drive Integrates with Edmodo ! (Stay Tuned for the next session !)