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Education Plan

The Components of the Education Plan

The Education Plan should describe the following:

    1. The academic objectives for each subject to be taught during the term of the home schooling contract.
    2. The approaches and methods that the parent(s) will use to promote the educational, social, and physical development of their child.
    If applicable, the Education Plan must also address the special needs of the student.

    In preparing their child’s Education Plan, parents must refer to the following documents: 

    • The Basic School Regulation will provide parents with a list of the compulsory subjects which must be taught. It will also provide the suggested number of hours per week for each subject.
    • The Quebec Education Program will provide parents with a description of the curriculum in each subject area, including the progression of Learning for each subject, and the description of the competencies and the cross-curricular competencies to be addressed.  
    • The Progression of Learning in elementary and secondary school constitutes a complement to each school subject, providing further information on the essential knowledge that the students must acquire and be able to use in each year of school.  

    The Education Plan must reflect the Quebec Education Program and must specify:

    • The cycle level
    • The teaching materials and other support materials to be used
    • How the competencies of the Quebec Education Program will be addressed
    • The nature and extent of the on-going evaluation that will serve the teaching and learning process
    • The weekly schedule giving the time that will be devoted to each subject

    Education Plan templates