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Rosemere High School will be hosting a Google Apps for Education Summit in December. You are invited to attend. Newbie or guru, there will be something for everyone.

LCEEQ Summer Institute 2015

In August, LCEEQ hosted a 4-day professional development conference for Elementary Mathematics teachers in Quebec. Among attendees from across the province, SWLSB was well represented by a fantastic group of teachers! Dr. Juli Dixon and her team of presenters shared some interesting research-based practices and some powerful personal experiences. It was an excellent opportunity for us to further develop our expertise in Math instruction. Many thanks to those teachers who attended the Summer Institute!


Rakesh Awasthi – School Board Printer

Rakesh took over from the board’s long-time printer, Lee Scroten, two years ago. In that time, he’s developed a reputation for meeting deadlines and rising to the challenge of the late Spring-early Summer rush. He enjoys the challenge of meeting deadlines and the din of photocopiers' printing.


SWLSB Virtual Library

Unknown to many, the SWLSB Educational Services Department has been working to develop a virtual library of resources, available all students and teachers, over the past few years.

The library can be accessed by clicking here.

As you peruse this service, you will find complete age-appropriate editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Further, you will find Aquila Digital Books which publishes French audio books, as well as dozens of other cloud educational services.