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Rosemere High School will be hosting a Google Apps for Education Summit in December. You are invited to attend. Newbie or guru, there will be something for everyone.

Smart but Scattered Kids and Teens

Some students stay positive even when homework is difficult or time-consuming, while other students are annoyed when homework is hard or takes a long time to finish.  Some kids can keep track of their belongings, like books, agenda or sports gear, while other kids misplace their belongings and never seem to have their gym clothes.  Some teens seem to learn from past experience, but others seem to keep making the same mistakes in spite of past consequences.  If you are teaching a “scattered” student who struggles with attention, organizational skills, or impulse control, then Dr. Richard Guare has helpful and concrete advice for you (and parents too).  Dr. Guare is a neuropsychologist with years of experience working with schools to help students who struggle with executive functioning skills like those just mentioned.  He is also the father of a grown son with ADHD, and so he also understands the challenges from a personal perspective. To read Dr. Guare’s blog or learn more about his books, go to:

- Ingrid Hove, MA, c.o

New Versions of WordQ and ThoughtQ Available for Chromebooks

We have Educational volume licensing for the following Assistive Technology software.

Runs online/offline on a Chromebook, PC or Mac (Chrome browser required).

Install these for free using your account.

Links to these applications can be found in: 

Install the Chrome App Launcher:

Note that there are two versions of WordQ - one for Elementary; another for Secondary. Further to this, ThoughtQ is also available to us through Chrome apps only.

ThoughtQ assists students in the gathering of information for essays and reports with less effort and in less time, while retaining greater knowledge.

Ron Turchyniak 


2 au 11 octobre - Trois-Rivières: Festival international de la poésie de Trois-Rivières

16 au 25 octobre - Montréal: Festival interculturel du conte - Québec

24 et 25 octobre - Whisler: Congrès de l’Association canadienne des professeurs d’immersion

7 novembre - Québec: Samedi pédagogique de l’Association québécoise des enseignants de FLS (partenariat avec Action-savoirs et ACPI)

12-13 novembre - Québec: Congrès de l’Association québécoise des enseignants de français

18 au 23 novembre - Montréal: Salon du livre de Montréal

26 et 27 novembre - Gatineau: Congrès de l’Association québécoise des enseignants de primaire 


Véronique Landry & Marc-Albert Paquette