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21st Century Education

21st Century Education


Daniel Hedges

Pedagogical Consultant 

Social Studies & WOTP

(450) 621-5600, ext. 1416


21st Century Education: Learning in Exponential Times


1.    21st Century Education is driven by pedagogy, not by devices and wifi, while those are vehicles.


2.  What pedagogical practices are on the radar?  

Student Centered Learning


Project Based Learning

Discovery Learning

Inclusion Classrooms


Inquiry Based Learning



Balancing Choice with Structure

Enthusiastic Engagement

High Level Taxomony

Cross-Disciplinary Integration

Educational Psychology

Best Practices

Efficacy Research


Learning Quotient

Thinking about Thinking

Collective Action

Cooperative Learning

Inductive Teaching and Learning

Active Learning

Professional Learning Communities

Interest Driven Learning


3.  Ken Robinson: Changing Educational Paradigms

Changing Educational Paradigms - Ken Robinson


4.  Pedagogical Playlist

How the Brain Learns Best Webinar by Dr. Judy Willis


Howard Rheingold: The New Power of Collaboration

The GOOD Project


Student Centered Teaching and Learning

Teaching Practices and Pedagogical Innovation

George Siemens on Connectivism

How Technology Wires the Learning Brain

21st Century Learning

Competencies for 21st Century Learning

Connectivism: Education 2020

Crowd Accelerated Innovation- Global Open Education

Project Based Learning

Schools that Work


5.  100 Education Journals with Open Access

Teacher’s College: Columbia University

Education News: New York Times

Canada Education

Alfie Kohn

Education Week Teacher

Philosophical Studies in Education

McGill Journal of Education

Education Review

Florida Journal of Educational Research

The Journal of Effective Teaching

Educational Research and Reviews (Open Access)

Canadian Journal of School Psychology

European Educational Research Journal

American Educator

The Journal of Natural Inquiry and Reflective Practice

The Canadian Journal for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology

Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education

Critical Education

Critical Literacy: Theories and Practices

Current Issue in Education

Democracy and Education

Educate: A Journal of Doctoral Research in Education

Education Next  

Education Frontier Research

Education Research Education

Education Sciences

Educational Policy Analysis and Strategic Research

Journal of Educational Technology and Society

Encounters On Education

Essays in Education

European Journal of Educational Studies

In Education: Exploring our Connective Educational Landscape

Journal of International Education and Leadership

International Education Studies

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy

International Journal of Education

International Journal of Education and the Arts

The International Journal of Educational and Psychological Assessment

International Journal of Progressive Education

International Journal of Social Pedagogy

International Journal of Whole Schooling

Journal of Curriculum and Instruction

Journal of Education and Training Studies

Journal of Educational Inquiry

Journal of Language and Literacy Education

Journal of Learning Spaces  

Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Journal of Social Science Education

Journal of Studies in Education

Journal of Teaching and Learning

Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning

Literacy and Numeracy Studies

Mathematics Education Trends and Research

The Mathematics Educator

Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies

The Mentor: An Academic Advising Journal

Mid-Atlantic Education Review

The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast

Mountain Rise: The International Journal for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

New Waves: Educational Research and Development

Journal of Humanities and Social Science Education


Teacher’s Work

The Open Education Journal  

Opening Writing Doors Journal

Peerspectives Online

Policy and Practise: A Development Education Review

Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation

Pythagoras: Journal of the Association of Mathematics Education in South Africa

Qualitative Research in Education

Radical Pedagogy

Reading and Writing

Reflecting Education

Multidisciplinary Journal of Education Research

Research in Learning Technology

Review of International Geographical Education

Review of Science, Mathematics,and ICT Education

The School Community Journal

Science in School

Simon Fraser University Educational Review

Social Studies Research and Practise

South African Journal of Education

Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation, and Development

Studies in Self-Access Learning

Talent Development and Excellence

Themes in Science and Technology Education

Theory and Practise in Language Studies

This Rough Magic

Transnational Curriculum Inquiry

Work Based Learning

Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor

World History Connected

World Journal of Education

World Journal on Educational Technology

Across the Disciplines

Behaviour and Social Issues

Education and Learning Research Journal

Global Education Review

Hellenic Journal of Music, Education, and Culture

Higher Learning Research Communities

Historical Studies in Education



Theorists of Major Impact