Social Studies



curated by Dan Hedges

Educational Consultant at Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board




National Geographic Maps                                       

This site contains thematic and engaging maps that expose students to ‘types’ of maps that they might not usually encounter in a mainstream atlas.  Also, this site provides searchable access to the National Geographic map archives.    


360 Cities  

This site contains hundreds of interactive maps, in which the student is able to interactively engage with the map.  The student is able to actively explore the 360 degree panoramas, which includes major world cities, historical sites, geographical wonders, etc.  


World Population Animation                                                    

Here is a fascinating animation that shows students the rise in world population across a historical timeline.  Students are able to get a sense of the relative population of the human population over the past few hundred years.  


Curated Google Streetview                                       

This direct link brings students to the curated material that has been published by Google Streetview.  This site allows for ‘virtual field trips’ of many historically and geographically significant and interesting locations from around the world.  


Dogo News (News for Kids)                                                          

This website is a popular source for Elementary teachers - - - for covering current events in the classroom.  


Ancient History Encyclopedia                                    

This is a user friendly online encyclopedia for ancient history, that allows for students to specifically look at timelines, maps, as well as informational texts.  


Chromebook Apps

A list of useful Google Apps for Education, curated by subject, including for Social Studies.  


Google Cultural Institute

This site contains art and history exhibits from galleries and exhibits from around the world.  The content is curated for education.  



This site hosts thousands of presentations and slideshows on most major geography/history topics, and in fact, almost all major topics across all subjects.  A teacher is able to sift through the immense collection with a level of quality control.  There are several ‘diamonds’ to be availed in the archive !


National Geographic Daily Ideas                           

This site houses an abundance of high interest articles, videos, maps, activities, illustrations, that are related to geography, history, and current events.   


Google Sightseeing

This is site curated in a way that lends itself to educators that want  to take students on virtual field trips.


History Pin

Once you click on ‘explore historypin’, you can look around the world map and then as you zoom in on locations, you can open up historical images that are pinned in their specific locales.  The site integrates google streetview in a way that allows students to see superimposed historical images on top of the modern.  There is a function that allows one to fade back and forth between old and new.  It is perfect for talking about how landscapes, cities, etc., have changed and look different over time.   



A light hearted ‘challenge’ that shows a photograph of a location, and then requires the student to pin a guess on the world map, where they think that location is.  There is a point system, etc.  


Taking it Global

This site provides many launching points for students to get interested and engaged with local and international causes.  The ethos of this resource is very much in line with developing global understanding and empathy.  



This is a HIGHLY engaging site for Elementary educators, for teaching geography concepts and map skills.  


Scribble Maps

This site allows students to draw on top of maps, as well as to add points to the maps.  This resource gets students interacting with maps in a creative way.  The interactive aspect causes a very high level of engagement.  A teacher can design activities for students - - - giving educational parameters to the tool.  


A Quotation

This is an interface for searching famous and important quotes throughout time.  The website is designed in a very ‘clean’ way, with very little unnecessary clutter.  It is a website that invokes the joy of learning and exploring knowledge.  


Canadian Social Studies Super Site

The name says it all.  It’s one of those sites that provides an extensive range of links to many major sites related to Social Studies in Canada.  


Teaching Tolerance

As described on its site, this is a ‘place’ for educators to find news, suggestions, conversations, with regards to education in the areas of diversity, equity, and justice.  


Crash Course World History                                  

This is a VERY popular series of youtube videos, started by and starring John Green.  The videos are very engaging and cover a vast range of topics in the social studies wheelhouse.  


History Sites

Here is a curated collection of many quality links to history websites around the world on most major and mainstream history topics.  


World History Matters

Here is another site that links educators to a vast network of sites for history teachers.  


Geography World

This site is organized very neatly into a extensive range of geography topics and subtopics.


The British Museum (Ancient Greece)

This is a very impressive and thorough site covering Ancient Greece.  


The Geography Site                                   

This site contains a well organized collection of resources for geography teachers - - sorted by topic.  


Geography Education                                                               

As described on the site, this is

‘a place for geography students and teachers to find interesting, current supplemental materials.


Interactive Maps of 2015

The title says it all.  This is an engaging collection !


Climate Change Interactive Map

This resource is basically designed so that as soon as you get it going the presentation begins.  It is a VERY dynamic and memorable presentation.  


Times Educational Supplement

This site contains a vast archive of resources for teachers across all subject areas.  


National Film Board                           

This site contains thematic playlists, and a whole section for educators.  


Five Minute Film Festival by Edutopia   

These are thematic playlists that are curated for educational uses in the classroom.  



Contains recommendations and descriptions of websites for use in humanities classrooms.  


Virtual Museum of New France                             

This is a very engaging site for all kinds of content related to New France.


The Quiet Revolution

.This site contains a comprehensive collection related to the Quiet Revolution, and is linked through


The Virtual Museum   

This site contains several virtual exhibits related to content and material from all around Canada.


Geert Hofstede Cultural Compass                                                 

This is a very dynamic tool for looking at and thinking about cultural differences around the world.  


History of Quebec and Canada Resource Center      

This site is very useful for students of Quebec history - - - and is specifically relevant to secondary history (SEC. 3 and SEC 4) of the QEP.


Quebec History - Marianopolis College               

A vast archive that contains materials related to Quebec history.  


McCord Museum                                                          

Contains several exhibits related to Quebec cultures and histories.


BBC Ancient History                                                     

This site contains a LOT of great material related to ancient civilizations.  


The Map as History                                                 

This site hosts 220 animated history maps - - - some of which are ‘free’ to the public and some which require a membership.  


Extra History                                             

This is a series of highly engaging history animations related to many historical topics and themes.  


Animation of Everything                                  

Here is a very engaging animation that deals with issues of time itself, as it manifests in the study of history.  


In a Nutshell Kurzgesagt

Most of these very popular animations relate to science; there are some that cross over into social studies.  


Canadian Heritage Minutes

Here resides those famous Canadian Heritage Minutes !


Lives that Make a Difference Essay Contest

An essay contest that gets students thinking about and focused on ‘a Canadian they think made an important impact’ in the preceding year.

Gr. 5-12

The Canadian Encyclopedia

An online encyclopedia of Canadian History, just as the title implies.  


Aboriginal Arts and Stories

Once you click on ‘explore’ from the  main page, you are able to navigate many


NFB Playlists

The National Film Board playlists which include many high interest topics for current events and relatable to various themes in social studies.  



This is the CBC’s curated content  for education - - - which includes a LOT of material in the archives for video, text, and audio.  


Par Ici La Democratie

A site for Quebec students and educators related to democracy and civic engagement.  


CGP Grey Channel

This youtube channel contains many topics that relate to social studies.  This is a very popular channel on youtube.  Many of the videos have implications for Geography.  


The QEP and Progressions of Learning for Cycle One GHC and Cycle Two HCE

Drive Folder

Cause and Consequence Article

Cause and Consequence

Modular Review for SEC. 3 and SEC. 4 History

The following modular review is contains a thematically organized review of 'historical knowledge' for SEC. 3 and SEC. 4 HCE.

Modular Review


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