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Peter Clark

Peter Clark
(450) 621-5600, ext. 1346

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Some of my responsibilities in my role as a consultant are:

Providing opportunities for professional development, either by developing and animating workshops or by inviting guest speakers to lead workshops.

Working with teachers to develop, consolidate, and share resources to support the teaching of the Mathematics programs. 

Relaying information from the MELS, MaST (Math and Science Technology Coordinating Committee) and the SWLSB concerning the programs and evaluation. 

Working with teachers to develop assessment and evaluation tools, including end-of-year examinations. 

Search for and share new resources and new ideas. 

I am also interested in helping to build a network of educators within the board and across the province where ideas and resources are easily shared between Math teachers. I will also be looking to provide teachers with ideas for the use of interactive technologies that engage students and enhance their learning experience.

I am open to suggestions. My main goal is to have as many students as possible be successful in their Math courses so that they are hopefully not encumbered as they pursue their interests beyond high school.

Focuses include: