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Saba Din

Saba Din
(450) 621-5600, ext. x1414


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About Saba
I am very excited to be working with teachers, administrators, and school board members to enhance students' learning and achievement in both elementary and secondary mathematics classrooms. As a Mathematics Consultant, I support schools in achieving their long- and short-term goals for improving student success through various ways. I provide teachers with professional development opportunities through workshops, learning communities, and networks of educators. I help monitor student achievement through data collection, and analyse and interpret that data with others in order to guide decision-making for student learning. Working with consultants and educators, we develop tools for teaching and assessment that reflect high-quality instruction and learning.
My work is driven by my ongoing commitment to student success. Through my collaboration with teachers, administrators, and school board members, I hope that we can improve mathematics education for all of our students - not only for them to achieve success, but also for them to develop a passion for learning.


Focuses include:
  • Mathematics Education
  • High-Quality Instruction
  • Improving Student Efficacy
  • Professional Development