Work Oriented Training Path (WOTP)

The Work Oriented Training Path (WOTP) provides students with opportunities for personal and career exploration and puts the emphasis on practical training.

WOTP consists of two learning options:



  • At least 15 years old

  • 3 year program

  • Official Prework Training Certificate

  • At least 15 years old

  • 1 year program

  • Official Training Certificate in a Semiskilled Trade

Objective: Prepare students for the demands of life in society and the world of work

Courses include:

General Education

(essentially the same as as those in the QEP for Elementary and Sec. Cycle One but with a greater emphasis on their concrete application in everyday situations.  There is a separate curriculum for each subject)

  • English Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • French Second Language

  • Technical and Scientific Exploration

  • Geography History and Citizen

  • Physical Education and Health

  • Autonomy and Social Participation

Practical Training

  • Preparation for the Job Market

  • Introduction to the World of Work/Work Skills

  • Year II: 300 hours at work placement

  • Year III: 600 hours at work placement

Courses include:

General Education

  • English Language Arts (Secondary Cycle One)

  • Mathematics (Secondary Cycle One)

  • French Second Language (Sec. Cycle One)

Practical Training

  • Preparation for the Job Market

  • Preparation for a Semiskilled Trade

  • 375 hours at work placement

The Work-Study Approach

The practical training competencies are developed using the work-study approach.  One part of the training takes place in the school and the second part consists of practicums in the workplace.

The aim of the work-study approach is to bring the school environment closer to the realities of work; giving students a practical context to develop their employability.

Adapted from Chapter 5 of the QEP of WOTP

Link to WOTP Curriculum, Resources and information on the provincial Mentoring project on learnquebec: 


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