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Welcome to the website of the Pedagogical Services department.
On this site you will find details about the many supports and services that our department provide. - Lynda da Silveira (Director)

Collaborate, Create, Innovate (CCI) 2022
"RECONNECT" - Nov 11, 2022

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Presenters, Exhibitors, Event Team & Attendees

"Our mission is to support and inspire educators through the promotion of collaboration, innovation and engaging pedagogical practices".

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Spotlight on learning

This beautiful film was created by Rowan Draper, an LRHS student in Ms. Vero's class.

It is his highly personal reflection on his Indigenous great-great-great grandmother Olympe Hamel, and was his response to an "I Belong" class assignment inspired by LEARN Quebec and by the Downie Wenjack Fund.

LSA's Last Wave Radio

LSA students, staff and community members joined us in studio to discuss, rant, create and express themselves. The magic was real in the making of the recording studio and the moments in session, utterly inspiring.

LISTEN to Last Wave Radio’s 2020-2021 Wrap-up Sampler* and discover the magic for yourself!

The Crisis in Ukraine - Support Materials for SWLSB
We hope the content on this site provides you with resources to help navigate the sensitive subject of war with your students.
Christina Karamalis & Ron Turchyniak

In this podcast, Mr.mask sits down with Joanna McKay and Dan Hedges to open up the conversation and opportunity within education for reconciliation. Let this be a beginning for transformative change in our LSA school community, our Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board and in Laval and beyond!