Tim Foreman

Educational Technology Consultant(RÉCIT)E-mail ext. 1438

Chantal Kers

Educational Technology ConsultantE-mail ext. 1352

Ron Turchyniak

Educational Technology Consultant(Assistive Technology)E-Mail ext. 1383

The EdTech team will promote a learning environment where all stakeholders understand the use of technology in today’s world. We will strive to ensure that technology is used to support teaching and learning; that all players have equal access to up-to-date technologies and that our schools nurture digital citizens with a technological world-view.

We will strive to provide ample experiences for teachers to become familiar with various technologies, with guiding support during all phases of implementation. We support the notion that students should create and experiment the way we did in kindergarten with paint.

We encourage a Creative Learning mindset witch is based on 5 P's:

  • Projects
  • Passions
  • Peers
  • Play
  • Purpose

How we can help

In addition to the general offer of service, we can offer various supports to this subject including helping you with:

  • assistive technology
  • integrating technology into the classroom
  • coding and robotics
  • makerspaces
  • virtual reality
  • 3D Printing
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Our Resources

Our Guide to Techno Pedagogical Resources (edtech.swlsb.ca)

Educational Technology

Our Guide to Techno Pedagogical Resources