Educational Technology

Our Guide to Techno Pedagogical Resources

Tim Foreman

Educational Technology Consultant(RÉCIT)E-mail ext. 1438

Ron Turchyniak

Educational Technology Consultant(Assistive Technology)E-Mail ext. 1383

Educational Technology at SWLSB provides opportunities to engage students so that they can more successfully achieve desired learning outcomes. It affords choice and accessibility for all learners. Through educational technology students can become ethical, autonomous, critically thinking citizens with an enhanced awareness of their place in a wider connected world.

Note that the EdTech team's role is to provide pedagogical support to teachers and administrators. All issues related to hardware should be directed to the Information Technology department.

How we can help:

In addition to the general offer of service, we can offer support for a variety of subjects including:

  • Assistive technology

  • Integrating technology into the classroom

  • Coding and robotics

  • Maker spaces

  • Virtual reality

  • Multimedia

  • 3D Printing

  • Videoconferencing

Every year, we offer a slate of workshops that cover many of the topics listed above. Please login to Fortic to see our upcoming sessions. Furthermore, we offer in-school workshops to staff on ped days. Contact Ron or Tim, for more information.

Our Resources

edtech.swlsb.ca (Our Digital Strategies Guide)