Science & Technology Kit

Back to School Kit - Science and Technology


Use the prior knowledge probes/formative assessment probes available in the HS Cycle 1 SciTech Curriculum map available here:

Use the formative assessment probes for the Secondary 4 here:

It is recommended that teachers make use of academic discourse as an excellent way to both engage students and collect formative assessment data. The following Teacher-Talk-Moves are useful to know:

Lastly, Hinge-Point-Questions are an easy way to collect formative assessment data. Here are examples:

The math and science consultant of quebec have developed a list of essential learning. This would be a good place to start, specifically, communicate with you colleagues to decide what’s been covered on this list:


Enrichment is best done once we know who our students are as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, we can begin enriching with the following strategies.

Allow your students to demonstrate what it is they’ve learned while not in the classroom. An excellent way to do this is to encourage academic discourse. Use these talk moves to facilitate class discussions:

Follow up your discussions with investigations into the claims your students may be making. For example, if a student noticed, while at home, that an ice cube melts faster on a room temperature metallic pan than on a wooden cutting board, have them design an investigation/experiment into heat and materials.

Have students teach each other what they’ve learned in a kind of “jigsaw” activity. Have students challenge each other respectfully if they disagree on ideas.


While not ignoring your school’s standards and procedures, it is important to note that evaluations may be unusual this year as we regain our bearings. Measuring what students know will likely yield varying results due to the differing quality of instruction at home. It may be useful to include a range of evaluation strategies, including some that focus on scientific competencies rather than content knowledge. Here are some rubrics that were developed for summer school that aim to make evaluating student skills the focus:


Differentiation, like enrichment, is something best done by the teacher who best knows their students. Some useful strategies may include (some links included):