Assessment, Evaluation, Reporting

& Sanction des Études

Véronique Landry

Pedagogical ConsultantSanction and EvaluationRépondante au dossier culturel pour ext. 1394

PSD supports school teams and individual teachers in the measurement and evaluation of student achievement. We assist in the development of the school’s Educational Projects and Standards and Procedures for the Evaluation of learning; in training administrators and teachers on the use of data to guide teaching practice; in the creation of learning and evaluation situations; and in providing guidance and support on the implementation of exams.

How we can help

In addition to the general offer of service, we can offer various supports to this subject including helping you:

Sanction des études:

    • Information concerning allowable adaptations during Ministerial exams

    • Certification Requests such as exemptions, equivalences and exam review

    • Management of local and MEES exams (calendar, procedures, absences, results, corrections)


Support to the following

      • Provincial Report Card

      • Basic School Regulation (Education Act)

      • Annual Directives

      • Standards and Procedures

      • Subject Time Allocation

      • Derogation applications (i.e. Vocational Education Exploration)

  • Data retrieval support (Lumix and DBMS)

  • Distribution of June MEES results to schools

  • Support to Summer School

Our Resources

Exam Adaptations Information video

External Resources

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