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*NOTE: Application problems, word problems, and short answer questions are all evidence for Competency 2: Reason using Math Concepts & Processes

Evaluation Tools: Scales of Competency Levels

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Gizmos (Gizmo App also available for tablets)

--> Progression of Learning with Gizmos - Elementary

(direct links to Gizmos related to POL Elementary objectives)

--> Progression of Learning with Gizmos - Secondary

(direct links to Gizmos related to POL Secondary objectives)

Three Act Math (lessons from Dan Meyers' and others)

YouCubed (a collection of math resources for parents and teachers)

PBS Learning Media (videos introducing concepts to support conceptual understanding)

Illuminations (math lessons and activities for teachers)

Modern Chalkboard (Smart Board Lessons)

New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning (Smart Board Lessons)

Student Resources

Math: Cultural, Social and Technical Sec IV Study Guide

CST Study Guide - Final 2015

CST Study Guide - Final 2016

Sites for Virtual Manipulatives and Tablet Apps

Glencoe Virtual Manipulatives

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Desmos Free Graphing Calculator

Free Math Apps (for mobiles, desktops, and tablets)

More Math and Science Apps

Links to Online Games for Students

Reflex Math (Reflex App also available for tablets)

Math Prodigy (online math game)

CalculationNation (math games for students)

Sheppard Software Math Games (math games for students)

Link to Learning (a collection of math sites)

Learn Alberta (Grade 3)

Learn Alberta (Grade 5)

Learn Alberta (Grade 6)

SWLSB Elementary and Secondary Math teachers are invited to join the SWL Math groups in Edmodo!

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