Teaching and Learning Elementary Mathematics

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Ensuring success for all students has required a shift from seeing mathematics teaching and learning as a sequence of memorization tasks to promoting deep understanding and proficiency in the subject. This vision of mathematics teaching positions students as sense makers and doers and teachers as facilitators of student learning. This view also underscores the importance of building conceptual understanding to develop students’ flexibility in using representations, strategies and procedures, and ability to reason, problem solve and communicate mathematical thinking.

Quebec Mathematics Curriculum

Provincial Evaluation Tools

*NOTE: Application problems, word problems, and short answer questions are all evidence for Competency 2: Reason using Math Concepts & Processes

Provincial Evaluations

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Three Act Math Lessons



Numberless Word Problems

NRich Math

YouCubed (a collection of math resources for parents and teachers)

Illuminations (math lessons and activities for teachers)

Modern Chalkboard (Smart Board Lessons)

PBS Learning Media (videos introducing concepts to support conceptual understanding)

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