School Climate

Justine Dansereau

Pedagogical Consultant, School Climate Works in collaboration with elementary and high school ext. 8332

“210.1. The school board shall see to it that each of its schools provides a healthy and secure learning environment that allows every student to develop his or her full potential, free from any form of bullying or violence” (Bill 56 - Act to prevent and deal with bullying and violence in schools).

How we can help

In addition to the general offer of service, we can offer various supports to this subject including helping you:

  • ABAV (Plan and End of Year Report Support)
  • School Climate Professional Development
  • OurSCHOOL Survey Support
  • Behavioural Support - Crisis Situations - CPI
  • Wellness
  • ISM (Bullying and Violence)
  • Presence on Various School Climate / ABAV Committees

Our Resources

School Climate Timeline

ABAV Positive School Climate

ABAV Plan Template

ABAV End-of-Year Template

Reporting Guidelines for ISM

School Climate - Optimal Conditions to Ensure Well-being

School Climate Action Plan - Template

School Climate Action Plan Examples

External Resources

Bill 56

MEES Current Initiatives

CEMH - School-Climate


Zones of Regulation



Justine Dansereau


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