Back to School Kit

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Module 1

Staying Connected

Strong relationships are the foundation of student learning. This year, more than ever, students will rely on their relationships with classmates and staff to develop the resilience that will carry them forward. Links in this document provide a wealth of resources to help strengthen classroom relationships.

Module 2

Social Emotional Learning

There is a substantial and rigorous body of evidence showing that students learn more and classrooms are more effective when children and adolescents have the skills and competencies to manage emotions, focus their attention, successfully navigate relationships with peers and adults, persist in the face of difficulty, learn from and apply academic content, and problem solve. (Aspen Institute Report, 2017)

Module 3

Norms and Routines

Clearly explained routines are the foundation of a safe and orderly school environment. When everyday tasks are structured into routines, people experience less anxiety and stress, and are more able to engage in other, more complex tasks.

Anxious Behaviours.pdf

Anxious Behaviour

Although most people who are returning to school are calm and eager to start the new school year, a significant number of students, teachers and parents will show increased anxiety. Here's what to look for.

New Normal Behaviour (5).pdf

"New Normal" Behaviour

Returning to class is an exciting and anxiety provoking time for all of us, but especially so for Special Needs students. Readapting to school after the long absence may lead to some challenging, but temporary, changes in behaviour for these students.

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