Physical Education and Health

Below you will find important and useful links for Physical Education and Health.

The Physical Educator Joey Feith's website (app reviews, game ideas, unit plans and Joey's updated blog)

Phys. Ed Games Excellent games based website that features brief video descriptions of each game.

The Innerbody Great website for Health teachers

Sportfit Canada Excellent website to try for fitness testing. (A different approach to the Canada Fitness Tests)

The PE GEEK A website created by Jarrod Robinson (@mrrobbo) focusing on using technology in the gymnasium.

APEQ The Association of Physical Educators of Quebec's website.

En forme avec Myg et Gym Fitness, Reactions and Coordination tests with standards for all ages (K-11)

iPhys. ED Technology resources for Phys. Ed

PE Central Fantastic games resource website.

PHE Canada Canadian Physical Education Association website (links to videos and resources)

Learn Quebec Useful Links to PE Curriculum

Phys-ed Docs

Elementary Sports League

The SWLSB in partnership with Sports Laval have created an Elementary School Sports League. This league offers 7 different sports tournaments (Flag Football, Handball, Ball Hockey, Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball and Ice Hockey)during the course of the school year. The sports offered are all co-ed except for the Handball Tournament which is offered exclusively to Grade 5 and Grade 6 girls.

Electronic Assessment

The purpose of this collaborative PDIG project is to present an electronic alternative to the traditional paper and pencil assessment. Written exams will be assessed using Google Forms. We will provide the step by step breakdown of how to assess your students in Google Forms.

The benefits of switching to this electronic method is multi-faceted. Primarily, this process is moving into the 21st century where students are becoming more proficient with technology and they are required to use it in their daily classroom life. This process can be tailored to suit the needs of any Physical Education program either in an Elementary or Secondary setting. Teachers can now provide their students with instantaneous feedback once they have set up their various forms. The multiple choice or True or False exams can be autograded using Flubaroo thus becoming an extremely efficient time saving practice. Teachers will no longer have to print out paper copies of their exams and transport them home to correct thus becoming environmentally friendly.

Teachers with several groups of 30 or more students can email their students results as soon as the exam is completed.

Step by Step Breakdown

Sample of Peer to Peer/ Teacher Evaluation (Gymnastics)

Rosemere High School Soccer Concentration


Please feel free to download the Wrestling LES and the attached rubric. The videos can be found here.