Academic and Career Guidance Content (ACGC)

Louise Côté

Pedagogical ConsultantAcademic and Career ext. 1272

Academic and Career Guidance Content is mandatory content for all students from Grade 5 to Secondary 5 that explicitly addresses the QEP's Broad Area of Learning: "Career Planning and Entrepreneurship". It focuses on the themes "Self-Knowledge", "Knowledge of the World of School" and "Knowledge of the World of Work" as a continuum over the course of seven school years, and is grounded in specific and observable Learning Strategies leading to explicit Expected Student Learning Outcomes (ESLO).

How we can help

In addition to the general offer of service, we can offer various supports to this subject including helping you:

  • train Lead Teachers take part in school ACGC teams

  • adapt and create lesson plans for ACGC

  • integrate MyBlueprint into your classroom

  • explain how ACGC can be infused into any subject area

  • with any PDIG or other projects in your school

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