Occupational Therapy (OT) Toolkit


The OT Team has created a series of modules which target some of the most common issues seen in the classroom. Each module includes information, strategies, and suggested activities to support students in developing the skills they need in order to perform the tasks required of them in school.

These documents can be used by teachers and support staff to intervene or prevent some of the common fine motor, gross motor or sensory issues students may portray. For students who require additional practice with the skills outlined in each module, performing the suggested activities both at home and at school will increase their abilities and help them acquire these skills more readily.

To download the documents below, please click the icon at the top, right corner of the document. Once the preview of the complete document opens in your browser, you can either print the document by clicking on the printer icon or save the document as a PDF by clicking on the download arrow icon in the top, right corner of your screen.

Core Module

Core Strength Module .pdf

Cutting Module

Cutting Skills Module.pdf

Fine Motor Module

Fine Motor Module.pdf

Pre-Printing Module

Pre-Printing Module.pdf

Printing Module

Printing Module .pdf

Sensory Module

Movement Processing Module.pdf
Auditory and Visual Processing Module.pdf
Tactile Processing Module.pdf