COVID-19 Resources

Student Wellbeing

This interactive guide includes strategies and resources that you can follow along with to manage stress and intense feelings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Solution-Focused conversations are about gently helping students to see the whole story- the good and the bad- and making room to talk about strengths, resilience, and coping, because these are the parts of the story we sometimes need help to identify. This resource provides some strategies to help guide these conversations.

Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Management -

This document gives tips that will help you to encourage students behave appropriately in the "new normal."

Trauma awareness

This 5-part webinar series from June 2020 will help you master a language that you can use to discuss the multiple effects of trauma on behaviour.

Child Maltreatment

Link to Department of Youth Protection Booklet

Other resources :


Staff Wellbeing

Centre of Excellence in Mental Health Resources -

These resources can be sent out to staff before the beginning of school

Other Resources:

Family Wellbeing

Centre of Excellence for Mental Health Resources

This reference document, kindly prepared by Dr. Gerry Weintraub and Dr. Elana Bloom, coordinators of the Center of Excellence for Mental Health, contains suggested "talking points" for reaching out to parents and students in these challenging times. Included are Do’s and Don’ts, and strategies to diffuse anxiety provoking or complex conversations. Here are some suggested ways to engage, provide support, and assess the needs of parents and students. It also suggests services and support they may need.

This sheet can be sent to parents so they can help their children get ready to return to school.

Harvard Centre for the Developing Child

The above link leads you to a document that outlines school, classroom and student level interventions that will help you improve the following key elements of School Climate:

  • Student Voice

  • Parent Engagement

  • Community Partnerships

  • Learning Environment

  • Social-Emotional Environment

  • Physical Environment