Guidance Counsellors

At the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board, the role of the guidance department is threefold. The Guidance Counsellor’s primary focus is to evaluate, advise, help, guide and support students in developing their career plans and in choosing an educational path that is suited to their personal characteristics, interests, aptitudes and values. This is done through discussion, exploration activities and tools, direct observations and information provided by teachers and other school resources. Second, the Guidance Counsellor provides individual and/or group counselling sessions to help students in their process of self-exploration, development of an overall positive self-image, and in their pursuit of their personal and professional goals in order to help them define and clarify their identity. Through a guidance-oriented approach, the Guidance Counsellor assists students in building their personal and professional educational profile as well as in understanding, assuming and overcoming their personal, social, and academic challenges in order to ensure that they reach their full potential. Finally, Guidance Counsellors work in conjunction with administration, teachers, other student services departments and external resources to provide support, recommendations and referrals, with the objective of developing appropriate intervention/ prevention plans for students in need. As members of the Ordre des Conseillers et Conseillères d’Orientation, the Guidance Department has the responsibility to adhere to their professional Code of Ethics